Updated May 26 2016

NEW Rheos at TURF Fest September 16-18 2016
NEW Rheos at Harvest Picnic August 27 2016

Rheos at TURF Fest September 16-18 2016
Rheostatics will be performing at the Toronto Urban Roots Festival (TURF) at Fort York in Toronto. The festival runs September 16-18 2016 and date and time of the Rheos set is TBD. Tickets for the show are available via the TURF Website.

Rheos at Starlight Social Club April 24 2016
Rheostatics will be playing a warm up show at Starlight Social Club in Waterloo Ontario on Sunday April 24 2016. Tickets are $28 with a limit of 9/person and are available via ticketweb. Doors at 7PM.

Rheos at Harvest Picnic August 27 2016
Rheostatics will be playing at the Harvest Picnic in Hamilton on Saturday August 27 2016. The show will also feature Jann Arden, The Jim Cuddy Band, Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Gypsies, Joel Plaskett Emergency,Great Lake Swimmers,Cowboy Junkies & Many More. Check the Harvest Picnic site for all ticket information.

Rheos return to Massey Hall April 29 2016
Rheostatics at Massey Hall, Toronto, April 29, 2016. This will be the first time playing here -- and the first time playing anything other than Music Inspired by G07 -- since 2007, which was intended to be our final show. Our experiences reforming and playing in September w/ Hugh Marsh and Kevin Hearn were so great that we thought we'd walk down this road a little more, and try and bring new life to older material, as well as new works, which we hope to debut in the spring. The tickets here are only 30 dollars top price -- everyone should be able to go, we hope -- ticket info can be found on the Massey Hall site. Thanks to everyone who listens. We're excited about this. We love you.

Rheos inducted into Independent Music Hall of Fame
The Rheostatics joined Eric's Trip as 2009 inductees into the Independent Music Hall of Fame, which is presented by Zunior.com.

The band's groundbreaking contributions to Canadian music over more than two decades, and its unfailing support of fledgling bands on the independent scene, are among the factors that led to their selection. A blogspot page has been created as a tribute to the band, that includes history, band member comments and video. Click here to visit the award site.

Most Rheos releases are available for digital download through Zunior.

Rheostatics play for an old friend
On October 24, Dave Bidini hosted a celebaration of the life and times of Canadian author Paul Quarrington, whose novel Whale Music has figured so prominently in the history of the Rheostatics and whose friendship has meant so much to its members. Paul has been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.

The occasion included a Rheostatics 'reunion,' some of which was caught on video and in still photos. Dave Clark and Don Kerr were both present, as was Kevin Hearn, a frequent guest collaborator over the years.

Desmond Howl (how's that for a Whale Music fan?) has posted a video of the Rheos performing "Claire" to YouTube and still photos to Photobucket.

Rock photographer Beth Hamill has also posted still photos to Flickr.

DIY Rheos box set chronicles journey from birth to "good, gone, dead"
Rheofan par excellence Darrin Cappe, the same wunderkind responsible for Rheostatics Live, has completed work on an idiosyncratic DIY Rheostatics' box set. Of course, some opinions may differ but, as a comprehensive labour of love borne of musical pack-rattery of the highest order, this is cause for naught but celebration. Visit Northern Wish for details about Static Journey, volumes 1-9. The 'release' concluded on the first anniversary of the Rheos' farewell concert in Massey Hall.

From the first blog posting ...

"There are nine weeks until the first anniversary of the last Rheostatics show which took place on March 30, 2007 at Massey Hall in Toronto. The curtain came down on the best band ever to come out of Canada.

"After the last show I started to put together an idea for a Rheostatics Box Set. Really a journey through the history of the band. A Static Journey if you will. I listened to live songs, albums, demos, tapes, stage banter and interviews and came up with my own idea for 'The Static Box.' "

Volume 1: The Beginning, Rheostatics and the Trans Canada Soul Patrol
Volume 2: Melville
Volume 3: Whale Music
Volume 4: Whale Music OST and Greensprouttakes
Volume 5: Introducing Happiness
Volume 6: The Sevens
Volume 7: One Night Only, Nightlines and The Story of Harmelodia
Volume 8: Night of the Shooting Stars
Volume 9: 2067, Covers and the Last Whale

The total product of nine releases runs about 14 hours and includes 231 separate tracks, including interviews, demos, outtakes, live and studio performances.

Northern Wish includes interview footage, music videos and live performance videos. The site also provides access to Darrin's insightful comments about lots of other music on the Canadian Music Forum, to boot. Well worth the visit.

Our thanks to you, Monsignor Cappe, from across the globe.

Last waltz of the Rheostatics

March 30, 2007
Massey Hall, Toronto, ON.

Rheofan extraordinaire Darrin Cappe has captured lots of fan input following the Rheos' final gig on his Rheostatics Live site. Got a recording of a live show you wish to share with fans? Contact Darrin and share them with other Rheofanatics.

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Rheos' legacy confirms their top-ranking as among Canada's best bands
A newly released tally of the top 100 Canadian albums was topped by Neil Young and included the work of Cancon stalwarts like Joni Mitchell, the Band, Gordon Lightfoot and the Tragically Hip, plus our own Rheostatics.

Nearly 600 music fans and critics, artists, retailers and other members of the industry submitted their votes for author and journalist Bob Mersereau's new book, The Top 100 Canadian Albums, released October 18, 2007.

In an interview posted on the CBC website, Mersereau, a reporter for CBC New Brunswick, acknowledged the list will cause heated debate among music fans across the country.

"The important part is to talk about Canadian music and enjoy it," he said. "I'd be shocked if there wasn't complaints and arguments and debates."

Based on the input of the people Mersereau consulted, Canada's top 20 albums are:
1. Harvest, Neil Young (1972)
2. Blue, Joni Mitchell (1970)
3. After the Gold Rush, Neil Young (1970)
4. Music From Big Pink, the Band (1968)
5. Fully Completely, the Tragically Hip (1992)
6. Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morissette (1995)
7. The Band, the Band (1969)
8. Funeral, Arcade Fire (2004)
9. Moving Pictures, Rush (1981)
10. American Woman, the Guess Who (1970)
11. Songs of Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen (1967)
12. Reckless, Bryan Adams (1984)
13. Five Days in July, Blue Rodeo (1993)
14. Twice Removed, Sloan (1994)
15. Up To Here, the Tragically Hip (1989)
16. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, Neil Young with Crazy Horse (1969)
17. 2112, Rush (1976)
18. Court and Spark, Joni Mitchell (1974)
19. Whale Music, Rheostatics (1992)
20. Acadie, Daniel Lanois (1989)

Mersereau will travel across the country to promote the new title at a series of book launches.

For the full article text, click here.

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Other Rheostatics tributes

CBC.ca photo essay
CBC has posted a lovely little photo essay retrospective of our favourite Canadian Shield rockers right here.

Pete Nema
Fan Pete Nema posted a review and photos of the Rheos' second-last show at the Horseshoe. Visit here.

The Torontoist
Anonymous blogster the Torontoist covers the Rheos' final concert.

Rheos' live performance site
Rheofan Darrin Cappe has launched a new website that contains MP3 live performances of our favourite Canadian punk-art rockers. Visit Rheostatics Live to see what's what.

Got shows? Contact the host and share them with other Rheofanatics.

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Rheos merchandise from Six Shooter Records
Six Shooter Records is pleased to make new Rheostatics merchandise -- including Massey Hall concert T-shirts, stickers,
posters, 2067 commemorative buttons and more -- available through its on-line store.

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