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Here Come The Wolves
2019 Six Shooter Records

1. Vancouver
2. AC/DC On The Stereo
3. Rearview
4. Here Come The Wolves
5. It's The Super Controller!
6. Music Is The Message
7. Diamonds On Our Toes
8. I Wanna Be Your Robot
9. The Beautiful Night
10. Goodbye Sister Butterfly
11. Albatross
12. Mountains And The Sea

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Brave New Waves
2017 Artoffact Records

1. Dopefiends and Booze Hounds
2. The Uptake
3. Lyin's Wrong
4. Christopher
5. King Of The Past
6. Crystal Soup
7. Four Upright Walls
8. P.R.O.D.
9. Guy Lafleur
10. Chanson Les Reulles
11. Interview with Brent Bambury

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2004 True North Records

1. Shack in the Cornfields
2. Little Bird, Little Bird
3. Marginalized
4. The Tarleks
5. Power Ballad for Ozzie Osbourne
6. I Dig Music
7. Here Comes the Image
8. Who is that Man, and Why is he Laughing?
9. The Latest Attempt on your Life
10. Polar Bears and Trees
11. Making Progress
12. Try to Praise this Mutilated World
13. "Mystery track"

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Night of the Shooting Stars
2001 Perimeter Records
Recorded at Chemical Sound

1. These Days Are Good For the Canadian Conservative Youth Party Alliance
2. Song of the Garden
3. Mumbletypeg
4. P.I.N.
5. Superdifficult
6. Junction Foil Ball
7. We Went West
8. The Fire
9. In It Now
10. Here to There to You
11. The Reward
12. Remain Calm
13. Satan is the Whistler

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The Story of Harmelodia
1999 Perimeter Records
Produced by Michael Phillip Wojewoda
Recorded at the Gas Station Studios
Story by Dave Bidini; Illustrations by Martin Tielli; Narration by Janet

1. the Harmelodian Anthem
2. Dot and Bug in the street
3. I Fab Thee
4. It's Easy To Be With You
5. Monkeybird
6. the Descent into Popopolis
7. Invisible Stairs
8. Popopolis
9. I Am Drumstein
10. the Music Room
11. Dot Tries the Wingophone
12. Wingophone
13. the Sky Dreamed
14. Loving Arms
15. Father Mourns, Drumstein Schemes
16. the Bee Sky Opus in Magenta
17. Father's Sad Song
18. Home Again
19. Dot and Bug Pop out of the Earth
20. Song of the Garden

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The Nightlines Sessions
1997 Drog Recordings
Recorded at the CBC

1. The Pooby Song
2. The Junction Foil Ball
3. Frank
4. Henry's Musical Beard
5. Majorca
6. Ugly Manhattan
7. Trans Jam
8. Alien Boy
9. Baby, I Love You
10. This is Nightlines
11. Stolen Car
12. Don't Say Goodnight

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Double Live
Drog Recordings
Produced by Gary Stokes

Disc One:
1. Saskatchewan
2. Feed Yourself
3. Shaved Head
4. Torque, Torque!
5. Claire
6. Legal Age Life
7. Dead is the Drunkest That You Can Get
8. Bees
9. Dope Fiends & Booze Hounds
10. Song of Flight
11. Self Serve Gas Station
12. Horses
13. Dope Fiends (ending)
14. Record Body Count

Disc Two:
1. A Midwinter Night's Dream
2. The Royal Albert (Joey 2)
3. Introducing Happiness
4. Stolen Car
5. Jesus was Once a Teenager Too
6. Good Canadian
7. Bread, Meat, Peas & Rice
8. Christopher
9. The Ballad of Wendel Clark, Parts 1 & 2
10. Palomar
11. Triangles on the Wall
12. P.R.O.D.
13. Regina
14. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
15. Desert Island Discs

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Sweet, Rich, Beautiful and Mine
7-inch released in 1997

1. Rich, Beautiful and Mine
(performed by Mrs. Torrence)
2. Sweet, Rich, Beautiful and Mine
(performed by the Rheostatics)





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The Blue Hysteria
1996 Raise a Little Elf Music
Recorded at the Gas Station Studios

1. All the Same Eyes
2. Motorino
3. Something the Committee Thought You Should Hear
4. Fat
5. To Catch a Thief
6. Bad Time to be Poor
7. Sweet, Rich, Beautiful, Mine
8. Four Little Songs
9. An Offer
10. Never Forget
11. The Idiot
12. Connecting Flights
13. Feed Yourself
14. The "You Are Very Star" Journey
15. A Midwinter's Night Dream

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Music Inspired by the Group of 7
1996 Drog Recordings
Recorded at the Gas Station by Don Kerr and Rheostatics

A 40-minute piece honouring the Group of Seven's 75th Anniversary, commissioned by the National Gallery of Canada. Recorded in 1995 at the Gas Station Studios by Don Kerr and the Rheostatics.

1. Kevin's Waltz
2. Earth (Almost)
3. Boxcar (Wieners and Beans)
4. Landscape and Sky
5. Blue Hysteria (Martin's Waltz)
6. Cello For A Winter's Day
7. Northern Wish
8. Snow
9. Biplanes and Bombs
10. Lightning
11. Yellow Days Under A Lemon Sun (Kevin's Waltz Reprise)
12. Bye Bye

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Introducing Happiness
1994 Sire Records
Produced by Michael Phillip Wojewoda

1. Fan Letter to Michael Jackson
2. Introducing Happiness
3. One More Colour
4. Claire
5. Digital Beach
6. Earth/Monstrous Hummingbird
7. Row
8. Full Moon Over Russia
9. Take Me In Your Hand
10. Jesus Was Once A Teenager Too
11. Me And Stupid
12. Fish Tailin'
13. The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos
14. Cephallus Worm/Uncle Henry
15. In This Town
16. Alomar
17. You Are A Treasure
18. Onilley's Strange Dream

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Whale Music
1992 Sire Records
Produced by Michael Phillip Wojewoda
Recorded at Reaction Studios

1. Self Serve Gas Station
2. California Dreamline
3. Rain, Rain, Rain
4. Queer
5. King of the Past
6. RDA (Rock Death America)
7. The Headless One
8. Legal Age Life At Variety Store
9. What's Going On Around Here?
10. Shaved Head
11. Palomar
12. Guns
13. Sickening Song
14. Soul Glue
15. Beerbash
16. Who?
17. Dope Fiends and Boozehounds

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1991 Rheostatics
Produced by Michael Phillip Wojewoda

1. Record Body Count
2. Aliens (Christmas 1988)
3. Northern Wish
4. Saskatchewan
5. Horses
6. Christopher
7. Chanson Les Ruelles
8. Lying's Wrong
9. It
10. When Winter Comes
11. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
12. You Are Very Star

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Greatest Hits
Recorded at E-Norm-Us in 1987
Produced by Tom Atom and Rheostatics

1. Crescent Moon
2. Canadian Dream
3. The Ballad of Wendel Clark Parts I and II
4. Ditch Pigs
5. Higher and Higher
6. OK by Me
7. Churches and Schools
8. Public Square
9. Delta 88

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Available from Zunior only
The good folks at Zunior, Canada's favourite digital music empire, have made the entire Rheos' back catalogue available for digital download through their service. That means 24/7/365 access to some of the finest music recorded in this vast country for a measly $8.88 per album, or just $17.76 for a double album. Each purchase includes digital art.

Zunior's offerings includes some items available only in digital download format -- MP3 or lossless FLAC -- from Zunior. To see the entire digital catalogue, click here.

Items available only from Zunior are listed below.


Green Sprouts Music Week 1993

From April 12th to April 18th 1993, The Rheostatics played their first of many Green Sprouts Music Weeks. Over the course of 8 shows in 7 days the Rheostatics performed over 175 unique renderings of songs at Ultrasound Showbar in Toronto, considered by many of the musical luminaries of the 90's Toronto scene to be the greatest venue.

Featured on this set are not only embryonic versions of songs bridging the gap between mythology and history for fans, but 7 unreleased songs, some of which have not been heard by anyone since the spring of 93. Written at the zenith of the bands creative peak, many who are not familiar with the quality of work which was released in that time period, will be left scratching their heads in amazement at the songs left by the shoreline. Two of the shows took place in the afternoon starting the tradition of at least one all ages show at some point during their GSMW/Fall National residencies.

The 1993 shows also featured a host of guest musicians including Chris Brown and Gene Hardy of The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Lewis Melville, Dave Allen and Kevin Hearn who at that time was still in The Look People. Bob Snider and The Inbreds were the opening acts throughout the week.

Disc One:
1. Northern Wish
2. Who?
3. Crescent Moon
4. Ditch Pigs
5. Delta 88
6. Lying's Wrong
7. The Wedding Song
8. Green Sprouts
9. Pigeons
10. Ebbs and Flows
11. Row
12. Rain, Rain, Rain
13. Cephallus Worm/Uncle Henry
14. No Smoking
15. Palomar
16. Saskatchewan
17. Onilley's Strange Dream

Disc Two:
1. Self Serve Gas Station
2. Dope Fiends and Boozehounds
3. Beerbash
4. Woodstuck
5. The Headless One
6. Record Body Count
7. Seems Like
8. Fish Tailin'
9. Legal Age Life At Variety Store
10. King Of The Past
11. Full Moon Over Russia
12. California Dreamline
13. Canadian Dream
14. Higher And Higher
15. Aliens (Christmas 1988)
16. It
17. When Winter Comes

Disc Three:
1. Christopher
2. Shaved Head
3. Judy Warned
4. Good On The Uptake
5. Sickening Song
6. What's Going On Around Here?
7. OK By Me
8. Margaret Atwood
9. Fan Letter To Michael Jackson
10. RDA
11. Horses
12. Soul Glue
13. Queer
14. Circles
15. Jesus Was Once A Teenager Too
16. One More Colour

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The Secret Sessions

Dave Ullrich, formerly of The Inbreds and a Zunior founder, quietly gathered together musicians inspired and helped by the spirit and work of the Rheostatics to record a tribute album as personal thanks to the Rheos.

All sales proceeds will go to a charity designated by the Rheostatics.

1. Bad Time To Be Poor - The Weakerthans
2. Take Me In Your Hand - Stephen Stanley and Carla MacNeil
3. Public Square - Weeping Tile
4. Saskatchwan - Wooden Stars
5. Dope Fiends and Boozehounds - The Inbreds
6. Seven Stars Remix - King Cobb Steelie
7. Legal Age Life At Variety Store - Barenaked Ladies
8. Loving Arms - The Golden Seals
9. Claire - Cuff The Duke
10. Stolen Car - Kate Fenner and Tony Scherr
11. Shaved Head - By Divine Right
12. Satan Is The Whistler - The Dill
13. Record Body Count - The Local Rabbits

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Calling Out the Chords Vol.1

A collection of performances recorded by soundman Steve Clarkson during the 2004 Fall Nationals.

1. California Dreamline/Horses
2. Four Little Songs (Instrumental)
3. Easy to be with You
4. Mumbletypeg (w/Fall National Horns)
5. In This Town
6. Christopher
7. We're All Living In a Chemical World (w/Ford Pier)
8. I Am Drumstein (w/Kevin Hearn)
9. Who is that Man and Why is He Laughing?
10. Kevin's Waltz (w/Kevin Hearn)
11. Weiners and Beans (w/Kevin Hearn)
12. Legal Age Life at Variety Store (Twist Contest Version)

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Music From The Motion Picture Whale Music

Paul Quarrington's classic book, which helped to inspire the Rheos' album of the same name, was made into a movie in 1994. The Rheostics were tapped to create the music. The result is this piece of Can-rock music and movie history. Original music performed and composed by Rheostatics. Score by George Blondheim.

1. Song of Congregation
2. Find Me Mookie Saunders
3. Torque Torque
4. Desmond's Reflections
5. Dez's Lament/Claire
6. Ocean Courtship
7. Song of Flight
8. Fried Brain
9. Song of Danger
10. Song of Courtship
11. Goodbye, Claire
12. Song of Sadness
13. Euqrot, Euqrot
14. End Title
15. Deconstruct Me, Claire

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The Whale Music Concert - Sets #1 and #2

The Whale Music Concert is a double-album release and was recorded live in 1992 at Toronto’s Bathurst Street Theatre. The show captures a very special period for the band -- it's first big Toronto performance following the release of the critically acclaimed Whale Music. The performance included special guests such as Kevin Hearn, Andy Stochansky, Meryn Cadell and The Bird Sisters.

The album comes complete with high-quality album artwork by guitarist, Martin Tielli.

Set #1:
1. California Dreamline
2. Northern Wish
3. Green Sprouts
4. The King of the Past (Kevin Gould-accordion)
5. Michael Jackson
6. Rock Death America/The Headless One
7. Palomar (Tannis Slimmon-vocals)
8. Take Me in Your Hand
9. Soul Glue (Kevin Hearn-organ)
10. Rain Rain Rain
11. Our Little Town (Doug Feaver-vocals & guitar)
12. One More Colour
13. Shaved Head

Set #2:
1. Saskatchewan
2. Full Moon Over Russia (Tim Mech-guitar)
3. Sickening Song
4. Legal Age Life (Tim Mech-guitar, Richard Burgman-guitar & vocals)
5. Record Body Count
6. What's Going On?
7. Who?
8. Queer (Kevin Hearn piano, Andy Stochansky-djembe)
9. Guns (Mitch Perkins, Andy Stochansky, Mark Goldstein, Lonnie James, Jeff Korkola - drums)
10. Dope Fiends and Booze Hounds
11. When Winter Comes (The Bird sisters Tannis Slimmon, Jude Vadala & Sue Smith - vocals, Meryn Caddell - vocals)
12. Edmund Fitzgerald/You Are Very Star
13. Horses (Andrew Henry vocals)

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"My Generation / Satellite Dancing" 45

The debut 7" single from Rheostatics. An extremely rare vinyl release that features the original Bidini/Vesely/Crosby/Clark version of the band. The tracks sound like a cross between Devo and Stompin Tom. This really is Canadian musical heritage.

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