Updated December 14, 2011

Live appearances

  • January 24th, release of 'In the Rock Hall' by Bidiniband
  • January 26th, 7:30-11 pm, Bidiniband and reading, Hamilton, casbah lounge
  • January 27th, 7 pm, Bidiniband, Toronto Ref Library/11 pm, St Catherines, the Merch
  • January 28th, CD RELEASE SHOW, Dakota, 7-10 pm.
  • Feb 7th, carleton, halifax with sean panting
  • Feb. 9th, 8 pm, Stolen From a Hockey Card show, Charlottetown with Bryan Trottier, Sarah Harmer, Chris Murphy and more...
  • Feb 17th, perth, ontario, Bidiniband

BidiniBand, from left to right: bassist Doug Friesen, guitarist and lead vox Dave Bidini, guitarist Paul Linklater and drummer/guitarist Don Kerr.

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Film, video and theatre ... the other performing arts

Fandom on YouTube
A Rheos fan self-dubbed "Tayloreh" has posted a loving tribute to the band and a cover of Dave's "Little Bird, Little Bird" on YouTube. Worth a look.


30 songs in 30 days to save Lake Ontario

This is a missive direct from Dave in support of Waterkeepers.

The Swim Drink Fish Music Club is an online music and audio experience developed by Lake Ontario
Waterkeepers in collaboration with other Waterkeeper organizations across Canada.

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Reading and writing

Gordon LightfootNEW Dave launches 10th book
Dave's 10th book, Writing Gordon Lightfoot: The Man, the Music and the World in 1972, will be released on October 18, 2010 by McClelland and Stewart, Canada’s century-old grande dame of publishing. Writing Gordon Lightfoot explores Canada’s political, psychological and musical transformation that accompanied the 1972 Mariposa Folkfest, which featured surprise performances from Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Gordon Lightfoot, at the height of his career.

Is Stephen Harper reading Dave Bidini?
Mann-Booker Prize-winning novelist and supremely respectful political gadfly Yann Martel has been sending Prime Minister Stephen Harper a new book every two weeks since Parliament's perfunctory recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Canada Council for the Arts.

On December 7, 2009, Martel sent Harper his 70th gift, Dave's Tropic of Hockey. Has Harper read it? Who knows? His office has sent only five responses to the 72 offerings made by Martel, not one from the PM himself.

This is what Martel says about Tropic.

"Nothing loved can be reduced to mere entertainment, to mere anything. So just as I have an exalted view of literature and bristle at the notion of art as mere entertainment and cannot fathom anyone having a good, thinking life that doesn’t include reading, so Dave Bidini exalts, bristles and cannot fathom on the subject of hockey. Each one of us cares, defends and justifies what he or she loves. Put all those passions together, and you have a society, a culture, a nation. A last word, then, on Tropic of Hockey: it’s the most Canadian book I’ve sent you."

To see the rest, click here.

To learn more about Tropic of Hockey, click here.

db's books available for purchase online
db's books published by McClelland & Stewart are now available for purchase direct from the publisher online.

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Rheos box-set?
Rheofan par excellence Darrin Cappe has finished work to create a DIY Rheostatics box set. Visit Northern Wish for details.

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